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cartoon of two men moving boxes to a new house

Making a switch… or two 😄

In November 2018, I started this blog to document my reapplication to becoming a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. That second application was accepted, and in June 2019, I joined Automattic.

Now, three years later, I am pleased to announce that I have switched roles within the company!

Box of board game "Zoom in Kyoto"

New board game – Zoom in Kobe

A friend introduced the board game Zoom in Kobe to us this week. If you’ve ever been to Kobe, or you’re looking for a new board game that isn’t too competitive, than this game is for you!

Piggy bank surrounded in coins

The Psychology of Money

This book isn’t about investing, or specific tactics to get wealthy. Rather, it is a compilation of stories centered around general concepts regarding money that are universal to the majority of people living in the monetized economy. Each chapter is fairly short, and the author’s quick and direct delivery style kept me turning the pages.


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