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Preparing My Post about My Application

I started writing a post on how I applied for the Happiness Engineer role, but I realised it was going to take me a few sessions to write it all out. I considered breaking it up into a few posts, but then those who would find my blog would have to search around to get the whole story. I also considered making a post and then coming back to edit and add information to it bit by bit, but then people would have to keep checking the same post to see if I had updated information. (Not that I have many regular readers, but I like to imagine I do. :-))

So, the conclusion I came to was to save my work, work on it another day and in the meantime, write a quick post about how I am writing that post. And so, here I am!

Other news as of late is, I have started…

Each of those would create a post in themselves, so I still have many topics I can write on. But for the moment…

Thanks for reading!



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