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How Frequent Should I Post On My Blog?

Well, according to this site below, there is no one answer that fits everyone.

How Often Should You Blog and How to Promote Your Blog Posts

It depends what the goal of the blog is and who the target audience is. I personally am still new to the blogging world, but my thought so far would be to choose a frequency and stick with it.

Personal Reflections

As I have started to follow more WordPress blogs and connect them to my Reader, I find I start to feel the frequency each person posts. I purposely used the word feel there because I am not literally counting days between posts? It’s just that I have started to form different timelines in my mind, like “Ok, this person should post again in two days. This other person, on the other hand, I should find their new post when I wake up.” Bloggers don’t usually tell people exactly how often they will blog, but I have found myself unconsciously figuring out when the next posts may be.

Which made me consider, are others doing the same with my posts, too? I started off posting every other day, but I have found that hasn’t quite worked out for me the last week or two. (I’m sorry everyone?) So I have started thinking, maybe I should change my rhythm a bit and see how I go with a slightly less-frequent posting rhythm? Now, my goal is to post twice a week. (Just a bit slower…)

Many sites I searched about this topic said, basically, each person should play around a bit, posting at different frequencies for a while until they find what fits well with their schedule and also gets the most engagement from their readers. Also, blogs tend to take a few months before they really take off. I imagine, someone like me who isn’t using social networking to promote their site would probably take longer. (Yes, I currently solely rely on the WordPress Reader to bring people to my blog ??)

But in the end, I guess it boils down to each person figuring out what works best for them. If you’re like me and are still starting out with a blog, then I think keep your own schedule a priority. Don’t feel pressure to have to post in accordance to some “rule” nobody but yourself made. And maybe a few months down the road, once you have a constant audience forming, then try a few different rhythms to see what works best for them, too.

Most people start blogging preparing for the long haul. So have fun. Don’t feel pressure with posting frequencies. Just do what comes naturally to you and is most enjoyable!