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Reached 50 Replies On The English Forum

Hi! This is just a short post to report…

I have just finished submitting my 50th reply on the English WordPress.com forums!

50th post.png


My first reply was submitted on November 20th, so it has been exactly one month for me to get here. I am excited! I am just that bit closer to reapplying to Automattic!

And what’s more…

I’m enjoying it!!!

I have started to get comfortable answering questions on the Support forum and have started reaching out to the Themes and Widgets forums, too. I have started taking courses on Free Code Camp to refresh my memory and skills of HTML & CSS. I plan on helping out in the CSS forum once I finish those courses, too.

(I’ve also created 15 replies on the Japanese forums, too, but those are a special extra.)

If your interested, you can check out the replies I have created (in English) from the following link:


And if you have any advice or comments, feel free to drop me a line here or leave a comment below.

Again, thank you for your support, guys! I really appreciate it!

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