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Merry Christmas! (From My Phone)

Finally, December 25th has arrived. Merry Christmas! Having a day set aside at the end of the year each year to think upon Christ and His salvation is such a blessing. It brings closure to all that has happened this year and reignites us with hope for the year to come. What a special day!

On a more technical note… This is the first time I am posting something from my phone. As part of my self-training before reapplying, I decided I would give all the different aspects of the WordPress system a try. I usually work from the PC app when I create my posts, the browser version when helping out on the forums and my phone app for the Reader.

So far, about the only problem I have encountered is that I can’t access the free images WordPress offers to use as my featured image. I can access my own photo roll fine, but I cannot find how to add their images into my library. Other than that, though, the experience is very smooth. I personally still prefer to type long portions of text with a computer, but I can see this is extremely useful if I am out and about and have to change something I noticed I missed in a previous post.

… (Fiddling around with my post) …

Hey, I just found, you can pick an image from their free library! You can’t choose one directly from the “select featured image” menu, though. What I just did was I added the image I wanted directly into my post, which then adds the image to my WordPress online media collection. I then delete the image from the post, go back to the featured image selection page and choose the image from my WordPress media. Not straight forward, but doable.

(I just had to rush and get my power cord, too. The WordPress app was eating up my battery fast!)

So, the conclusion is, I can see benefits with the app, but it won’t replace working from my computer. If you have found situations where the app has been better, feel free to let me know with a comment.

Once again, thank you for reading. And have a very merry Christmas! ???



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  1. NB Avatar

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Bsan'sBlog Avatar

      Merry Christmas to you, too!