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Linking SNS to My Blog

Hi all! My last post was admittedly an extremely long post. Sorry about that… To make it up, today’s post is going to be super short!

I have created and linked some social networking sites to my blog and have it set that whatever I post here is automattically posted over there, too. I wanted to see if I had done it all correctly and see how it looks. Again, as this is a feature of WordPress.com, I wanted to get the feel and hang of it before I reapply.

So for today, that is it!

Thanks for reading!

PS: I noticed I accidenttally spelled “automatically ” with two T-s in this post. Shows you how much I type “Automattic”! I thought I would leave it as it is??

PPS: I noticed I spelled “accidentally ” in my postscript with two T-s, too! Now that is going to be a problem…?






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