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The Best Place You Have Ever Worked

Hi! Today, I was looking through another part of Automattic’s presence on the web – their YouTube channel! If you are a fan of Automattic but haven’t seen their videos yet, go check it out!

Automattic’s YouTube Channel

As of right now, Automattic has 14,544 people subscribed to their channel. Considering they are a company of only 859 people, there seem to be a lot of non-automatticians who are subscribed to their channel. (Hey! I’m one of them?)

The oldest video Automattic has posted on YouTube dates back to May 19th, 2015. It is a video with Matt announcing Automattic’s purchase of WooCommerce. Since then, they have posted numerous videos about WordPress.com functions, staff interviews and commercials from all around the world. Now, their channel has around 210 videos and their recent addition to the collection has been testimonials and showcases of people who have used and succeeded with WordPress.com.

Automattic’s Oldest Video

About This Post’s Title

Today, I chose picked some videos at random to watch. Once staff interview video that stood out to me was by Lori McLeese, the Head of Human Resources at Automattic. Lori talks about how she initially got involved with Automattic and the things she enjoys most working there. This is how she describes Matt (CEO) describing the HR position he invited her to.

He wanted to hire someone to focus on making Automattic the best place that Automatticians had ever worked.

Wow! No wonder why you read in so many employee’s blogs that their company is their dream job or that it is the best place they have ever worked at. That is exactly what the CEO and the HR division are striving for… a work environment that employees can call the best!

Lori goes on to talk about the employees she works with. She says she has never met “a more kinder, smarter, intelligent, innovative group of people” than the “almost 700” automatticians she works with. What a positive environment to be able to work in!

In Conclusion…

Automattic is comprised of a unique group of people, representing a very large number of cultures from all over the world. Each individual is cared for by the company and be each other, creating a great environment to work, learn and grow in.

The customers Automattic serves is even more diverse. I will paste two more videos from the Automattic channel. Both express what WordPress is, but both do so in an entirely different fashion. It is just another glimpse into how they embrace diversity.

Thanks for reading! (and watching!)



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