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Update On My Reapplication

Hi everyone! As the week is coming to a close, I thought I would briefly update you all on where my application process is at the moment.

The application process to the Happiness Engineer role as of late has looked like this. This is not just from my own experience, but also from blog posts of Happiness Engineers who have blogged about their processes recently.

  1. Send in your resume and cover letter.
  2. Work on an assignment to test your practical WordPress.com skills.
  3. Sit for a one-on-one interview over Slack.
  4. Answer follow-up questions and practical customer support questions.
  5. Sit for a second one-on-one interview over Slack.
  6. Enter the TRIAL!

From what I have seen, one’s application process can be terminated at any point in this flow. Last time, my application was stopped between 4 and 5.

Well, when I reapplied, my process started off again from point 4. Technically, I submitted my resume (with three month’s of new data added) and (revised) cover letter again, so you could say I started off at item 1. After a few days, the hiring team responded by sending me the same follow-up questions as I had been given last time around. Since then, I have submitted my new answers, reflecting how I have grown over the last few months.

They then invited me to a second interview over Slack! That is one step further than last time. Yes, progress! And now I am waiting to hear back on how I did. The next mail I receive from Automattic will probably tell me whether I have made it to the TRIAL or not. They said I should hear back within a few weeks. So now, I sit, wait and pray…

Actually, I plan on continuing to help out on the forums and keep my study up about WordPress.com plans and features and customer support in general. So you can expect to continue seeing a couple of posts each week on this blog!

Thanks for reading!

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