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Presentations Shortcode

Hi everyone! Today I am back with another Shortcode post. This time, I am looking at the Presentation Shortcode. To start with, have a look at a presentation I created using this code.

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Brief Explanation

The Presentation Shortcode is a nifty way to create a presentation for your site using only Shortcode and HTML/CSS. Basically, the content of a presentation looks like this.

[ presentation]
    [ slide]
        Content of your first slide.
    [ /slide]
    [ slide]
        Content of your second slide.
    [ /slide]
[ /presentation]

Note: If you copy-and-paste from here, you will have to remove the space at the beginning of every shortcode braquet. Shortcode in the code block gets interpreted as shortcode, not code! So I had to add those spaces so it wouldn’t.

The Support page on Presentation Shortcode doesn’t mention this, but I found you can insert HTML code with inline CSS styling as the content of each slide. That is how I achieved different font sizes and the list format. What I also noticed was some HTML tags that are forbidden in posts, pages and widgets actually worked in the presentation shortcode! (It would seem there could be options for exploitation here if someone really wanted to…?)

As part of the shortcode, you can also add background color, change slideshow transitions, rotate and scale slides and even set the duration of transitions. So, to create a thoroughly designed presentation, you would have to do a bit of coding, adding Shortcode and HTML/CSS.


The experience creating a presentation using this Shortcode is definitely unique. To someone who is not used to coding, using presentation soft such as PowerPoint would probably be a more pleasant experience. But if you are up to the challenge, then this is a change of pace and might be a fun thing to try out some time. I can’t wait to publish this post and see how it all turns out on my mobile.

Thanks for reading!

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