I’m Moving To The TRIAL!

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Hi everyone! I promised in my last post how I would continue my debugging of Presentation Shortcode in the following post, but I have other news I need to share with you all today. And that is…

I’ve been Accepted as a Trial Happiness Engineer!

That’s right! I finally heard back from the Happiness Hiring Team that they are moving me on to the next stage of the application process. Starting mid-April, I will be working alongside hundreds of other great Automatticians, eventually doing exactly what all Happiness Engineers do… engineering happiness😃🎶

It was the end of October last year that my last application was terminated. It has been five months since then and a lot has happened during that time. (This post will give you a quick rundown: I Reapplied! – A Review of the Last Three Months) I must say, it has been exciting to reevaluate my life, consider what God’s will is for me at this stage in my life, learn heaps of stuff, start a blog presence and even work on tons of little projects/jobs not related to this reapplication. Being in limbo for so long has been tough and it has required determination and focus to stay on course. I am so excited to start moving forward again towards this dream (and the stable income doesn’t hurt, either 😋 )

Now, I realise getting accepted into the trial is still just another step. It’s another thing entirely to succeed at it and receive an offer of full-time employment at the other end of it. Every blog I have read of people who have succeeded (and failed) at the trial have said it isn’t easy. It is called a “trial” because it tests you. From what I have read, it tests to see if you can learn and grow, if you can communicate well and, above all else, if you are a good fit with the company, its values and its culture. While I’m not exactly sure what to expect, I also can’t wait to get started.

The Plan From Here…

Well, I have about two weeks now to really get my other non-Automattic projects completed and submitted. I will probably try to take a few days off in there somewhere and prepare for the trial, as I hear it is full on.

I also want to get back to helping out in the forums and brushing up on my WordPress.com knowledge and skills. I plan on keeping this blog up, hopefully at around two posts a week, right through my trial period, too. Naturally, I probably won’t be able to post much about the trial itself during that time, but I might use it to relax and talk about non-work related things then. I’ll just see.

If you are ever interested and have a question about anything, feel free to drop a comment or contact me. If there is anything you want to read about in future posts, feel free to let me know about those ideas, too.

And, once again, I just want to say…

Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey!

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  1. Congratulations, I’m really pleased for you, you’ve worked really hard to get this far and I hope the trial goes well for you!

    1. Thanks so much! I could not have stuck at it if it weren’t for the close people around me who have supported me along the way😄

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