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Treasure Box – 1

Now that I’m through the application process of becoming a Happiness Engineer, I have spent some time thinking about the future of this blog. While I plan on continuing to write about my experiences working in Automattic and perhaps WordPress in general, I have also wondered what I could do to make this blog a bit more “personal”. Until now, I have purposefully kept a low online profile. I hardly use SNS and I’ve never had an interest in sharing my personal life online. So how could I make it personal enough without infringing on my own unique personal bubble? (What a strange thought…)

An idea I have is to use my blog as a place to remember different events in my life. Rather than a place to notify others of myself, perhaps I could use it to notify myself of myself? This Treasure Box series is a test project where I will post about a good memory or experience from the previous week. Hopefully it will be a resource I can come back to in the future and reminisce about all the blessings in life…

Galettes! (Visiting Cafe Kopher)

This week, my wife and I went and ate at a new cafe a friend from church just opened a week ago. Their specialty was galettes! All mains came with plenty of greens on the side, too. ? I concluded the meal with a coffee float. Apparently, I was the first customer who had ordered that since they opened and the owner had forgotten it was on the menu! Still very delicious, though.

Another thing about this cafe that was just as good as the food was the location! The 20-minute drive from home to get there took us through farms and rice fields. We had perfect weather for the drive, too, making it that much more enjoyable! The view from the cafe looked like it could be used a typical tourist brochure for our island, Hokkaido! I look forward to coming back soon and seeing what gets planted in those empty fields…

One last thing about this cafe… They use WordPress.com for their web site!! Wow! The owners seemed just as excited to know I now work for the company behind their host. Just an extra coincidence I found interesting and wanted to keep in my Treasure Box!

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2 responses to “Treasure Box – 1”

  1. jaffacakestudio Avatar

    DEJA VU!!!!!! So, I too struggle with blogging and maintaining my personal bubble… it’s why I don’t blog much but I do plan on changing that. I look forward to your treasure box series! I think that’s a great idea!


    I’m not as good as I use to be but I plan on teaching my kids so maybe I’ll start a series about that.

    1. bsanevans Avatar

      Thanks for your positive feedback! I’m looking forward to the series, too, actually ?


      If you do start a series, I would look forward to reading it!

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