Thank you for the 200 likes!

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So much has happened in the last two weeks! A brief rundown…

  • I’ve finally started work as a full time Happiness Engineer and am absolutely loving it! More on this to follow in future posts.
  • My home office is almost set up! Just waiting for my new chair to arrive next week. The fake leather on my current 8 y.o. chair is peeling off, sticking to me and then falling off all around the house. My wife is more excited than me about the chair arriving… 😅
  • I spent time with both my parents and my wife’s parents before I started working full time again. One thing and another, we celebrated father’s day early with each of them. (Father’s day is tomorrow here in Japan.)

But in this post, I wanted to mention one other thing that has happened…

In all the hustle and bustle over the last week, I noticed the above message pop up in my account. 200 likes on my blog!? Wow!

So, I went and checked my follower count again. My stats say I currently have 57 followers! I wanted to take the time to say…

to all those who have taken an interest in my blog and have been following so far. And thank you to all who have given comments over the months, too.

I’m planning a slight renovation on my site, updating my About page and making it easier to navigate between different post categories etc. I’m still figuring out how to develop the blog from here, but I’m looking forward to sharing with you all.

Thanks for reading!

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