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Treasure Box – 3 – Birthday

Hi all! Last week was my wife’s birthday ?? I had to write a post about it… to keep it in my treasure box 🙂

Where It All Began

My wife and I have wanted to revisit Ecorin Village for some time now… Almost five years, to be exact. This place is dear to us. This was where we had our first date and the formal request for courtship was made. We both walked around the garden/farm, remembering that day and thinking about how much both of us had changed since then – both of us for the better! We have tried to keep God at the center of our lives, both drawing closer to Him and to each other. The years we’ve spent together have been wonderful!

The Meal

We went to the same eatery as we did that day, too, choosing a veggie-oriented (?) smorgasbord. We were both nervous that first day and hardly remember what we ate. This time, we made sure we took pictures and just had a really fun time.

Some Old Friends

We finished off our trip here by stopping by and saying hello to some old friends. This alpaca and llama were there 5 years ago. They weren’t as enthusiastic about seeing us as we were of them, but they did come close enough for us to get a good picture of.

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