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Treasure Box – 4 – Another Birthday

The last post I wrote in the Treasure Box series was about my wife’s birthday. And while a little time has elapsed, my own birthday came last month, too, so I wanted to share (and store) some memories from it.

Actually, I lost most of my birthday this year. It was the day I was flying back from the Grand Meetup at Automattic. And with crossing over the international date line and just travelling for most of the day, I had about 4 hours on my birthday at home. It didn’t stop my wife from going all out to celebrate, though. My wife does an excellent job with hand-made decorations, and this birthday was no exception. (See if you can guess my favorite color from the following pictures… ??)

The following day, I had time off work to rest up and get over jet lag. So my wife made much-wanted Japanese food (I had just been in the States for over a week!!) and gifted me with a board game extension she new I would be interested in. The Tiramisu cake was also excellent!

And finally, there was one more celebration, where my family also came over to celebrate. This time, my wife made individual cup sushi for us all! And we were all amazed at the bouquet salad she prepared.

So, while I didn’t have a very long day on my birthday, I may have had the most celebrations yet! It was another precious memory I wanted to store in my Treasure Box…

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