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Books I Read in 2019

Last year, the majority of books I read were to do with my application to Automattic. This year, my goal is to expand the “I Read…” list in both quantity and book topics.

  1. The Bible (the new ???2017 version – in Japanese)
  2. Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit; by Leonardo Inghilleri & Micah Solomon
  3. Delivering Happiness; by Tony Hsieh
  4. Be Our Guest; by Disney institution & Theodore Kinni
  5. Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless; by Jeffrey Gitomer
  6. The Art of Less Doing; by Ari Meisel

Here are the book reviews I wrote for some of the books listed above.

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit;

Book Review Part 1

Book Review part 2

Delivering Happiness

Book Review Part 1

Book Review Part 2

Be Our Guest

Book Review

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless

Book Review

After I got into Automattic, I found there was so much reading to do everyday! Conversations happen on hundreds of internal P2s, and finding how to keep up with the new information each day took some time. Six months in, I now have a system where these updates arrive in my email inbox and get automatically filtered depending on priority or relevance. I can read through those as time permits around other work responsibilities.

But now that I’ve got my system in place, and I know my way around the company more, I am ready to branch out and read other material, not just internal work stuff. I look forward to reading many more books this year!

Thanks for reading!

PS: Two days ago, I published the post once, only to find that a new content block I tried using wasn’t compatible with the current theme I have. I finally got around to recreating the post content with blocks that work well with my theme. Sorry to those who found the link broken earlier this week ????



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