Sapporo Flower & Café (Treasure Box – 6)

This week, my wife and I went out for lunch one day. With the business over Christmas and the new year, it’s been a while since we’ve gone out for lunch like this.

My wife had her eyes on a new place called Sapporo Flower and Café. Apparently, it’s an old flower shop that has been in business for more than 50 years. It has been passed down a couple generations, and the newest owners decided to give the shop a modern twist.

Sapporo Flower and Café (photo of interior)
Image from
Sapporo Flower and Café (photo of interior)
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Sapporo Flower and Café (photo of interior)
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The café is located within the flower shop, so it’s like you are sitting in an indoor garden. Their specialty is an assortments of original curries and naans. We found all the food to be delicious 😋

Curries at Sapporo Flower & Café
Curries at Sapporo Café
Sapporo Flower & Café Elder Flower Tea and Lemon Tart
Elder Flower Tea and Lemon Tart
Sapporo Flower & Café Chi Tiramisu and Iced coffee
Chi Tiramisu and Iced Coffee

This was a short post, but one true to the original purpose of these Treasure Box series…

An idea I have is to use my blog as a place to remember different events in my life. Rather than a place to notify others of myself, perhaps I could use it to notify myself of myself? This Treasure Box series is a test project where I will post about a good memory or experience from the previous week. Hopefully it will be a resource I can come back to in the future and reminisce about all the blessings in life…

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Thanks for Reading!

PS: Would you believe, Sapporo Flower & Cafe use WordPress on their site!!

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