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Beethoven’s 7th (Treasure Box 8)

orchestra string section

For Christmas, my wife and I received tickets to go hear the local orchestra perform. Both of us have a background in music and and Classical music is one of our favorite genres. It had been a while since we had listened to live music like this, and we were excited!

For this concert, the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra performed in the large hall at Kitara. I performed on the same stage back in high school a few times as part of my school’s orchestra. I had been back a couple of times since then. But it always brings back memories from those days…

The concert lasted two hours. The main song piece was Beethoven’s 7th symphony. It’s always nice to go to a concert and listen to music you’re familiar with. Below is a YouTube video – not by the same orchestra we listened to, but playing the same piece.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 – Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Iván Fischer

We received tickets that allowed us a good view of the conductor and strings. Both of us play wind instruments, so that is what we usually unconsciously focus on when listening to music. But this time, we got to see how the string section interact with each other. It was interesting to see he eye-contact different part leaders have with each other, how the conductor interacts with each part, and the role the strings play in the whole music. We had a great time!

concert program
concert tickets

This isn’t a long post. But I wanted to keep this memory in my Treasure Box, too. Thanks to those who gave us the tickets! (You know who you are ? )

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    I love a good concert 🙂


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    Love this

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