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Valentine’s Day 2020 (Treasure Box 9)

chocolate fondue

Valentine’s Day has an interesting origin. Wikipedia gives a very detailed description of its history – how it started out as a day to remember some martyrs with the name Valentine. It explains how a few hundred years ago, the day started to get associated with Love. Now, in the West, it is a day people exchange greeting cards, flowers, and other gifts of sentiment.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a day women give chocolates to men – and not the other way around. (Men are to give cookies back to women on White Day, March 14th.) The giving of chocolates is such a big thing around Valentine’s Day. So much so that apparently, Japanese chocolate companies make half their annual sales during this time of the year!

Well, tradition and social norms aside, my wife and I decided to make Valentine’s Day our own special day. My wife did buy chocolates for me (so I’d better get her some cookies next month, too…) But we decided to do things together that day. We went shopping together, made dinner together, and just had a relaxed day enjoying each other’s company.

Another special memory, stored in my Treasure Box ?

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