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Thank you to 100 Followers!

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Two months have passed in 2020, a lot has happened this year already. Life in Japan has been hit hard by the coronavirus, with now over 1,000 cases reported in the country. All schools are currently closed. Grocery stores are starting to show empty shelves as people are stock purchasing particular items. Public events are being cancelled. And my prefecture (Hokkaido) has declared a state of emergency.

But on the other hand, many positive things have happened, too! I continue to store some special moments in my Treasure Box Series, but in this post, I wanted to highlight another exciting milestone I reached with my blog…

I now have over 100 followers!

Wow! Thank you to all who have shown an interest in my blog and have continued to follow the life of this Happiness Engineer living in Japan! This blog started as a way for me to showcase my efforts applying for the position. I now have the job and am finally moving forward with life. The Likes and Follows I receive along the way are both encouraging and motivational to keep on documenting this journey.

breakdown of my 100 followers
Breakdown of my current followers

It was roughly this time last year I was thanking the 25 followers I had then. One year later, and this audience has quadrupled! While gaining followers isn’t necessarily my goal for this blog, I look forward to seeing how this number continues to grow over the next year. Especially since one of my goals for the new year is to blog more frequently

Thanks for Reading, and Following!

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