Boiled Egg Drawings – 1

a carton of eggs

This is just a short post about a silly little art project I worked on…

My wife likes to draw faces on boiled eggs before putting them back in the fridge. This is so we know which are boiled and which are still raw. This time, I decided to draw on the eggs for her. I drew a “mountain view” on the first one. For the second one, my wife gave me the topic to draw on the spot… “a bullet train”. This is the resulting artwork:

pictures of a mountain and a bullet train on two boiled aggs
Artwork by B-san

I hope you enjoyed this bit of light hearted cheer 😊

Thanks for Reading!

4 thoughts on “Boiled Egg Drawings – 1

  1. So sweet , a good lighthearted post adding some joy to this grandma in the middle of multiple struggles. When i visit i want an egg with drawings ha ha

    Love you both

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