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Easter 2020 (Treasure Box 10)

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Easter is a major event for us Christians each year. It is a time where we especially reflect on the death, burial and resurrection of our Saviour and the salvation He provides through that. This year, like the rest of the world, we celebrated Easter at home. We attended church via YouTube live stream in the morning, and then spent a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Our church has a tradition of church members bringing cross-shaped cakes for morning tea on Easter Sunday. This year, my wife decided to bake a cake for us, still, to carry on the tradition. It was a carrot cake, and I helped bake it, too! (I grated carrots, printed off the cross stencil and covered the cake in icing sugar ?)

The theme color of our meal was yellow. My wife chose this, as it represents joy and hope. We have joy in the salvation of our Lord, and hope of an eternal life with Him in heaven. The cornbread is made with rice flour, while the cake was made with oat flour. (I’m gluten free, so we bake with other flours all the time.) The cucumbers were home made Nukazuke pickles. And the pumpkin soup was served in some glass coffee cups, making it look quite fancy.

As we are limited in travel right now, it’s important to still make memories at home. This year’s Easter was a bit different to other years. But it still provided some good memories I will store in my Treasure Box.

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