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Introducing “Just by Grace”

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Hi all! I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from my blog the last few weeks. But for a good cause! I have been helping my wife create and launch her first blog. And at last, the bilingual site is finally ready to be launched! So without further adieu, I proudly present to you….

Just by Grace

Cover image from Just by Grace

The name “Just by Grace” is based off the Bible passage that says “by grace”. This is where my name “Megumi” (Grace) comes from, too. At “Just by Grace”, I’ll be writing about cooking and other topics of life, and will also be sharing how wonderful the Bible is! Thanks for stopping by (^^?

By Megumi on Just by Grace

Megumi and I have always been heavily involved with church ministries. We met at church, we’ve served as church staff and we’ve been temporary interim pastors at a couple of churches. Currently, we are serving at our local church as treasurers, legal administrators, IT administrators, and Megumi, as a Sunday School teacher. Her passion has always been to study and teach the Bible, and she enjoys doing that with people of all ages.

Since Covid broke out, we’ve been limited in our capacity to continue different ministries. It was around that time that my wife started considering a blog to use as her way of continuing to share the Bible with others. She has also wanted to share her recipes and other tips/tricks around everyday life. So, as a birthday project, we decided to work on setting this up together.

The blog is bilingual, and each post will have a link to the equivalent Japanese post. So, anyone working on their Japanese could use this material in their studies, too. And if any of you are interested in Bible devotions, delicious homemade recipes, or general tips and tricks for everyday life, feel free to like and follow Just by Grace! Megumi would appreciate your support ?

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4 responses to “Introducing “Just by Grace””

  1. Nindya Avatar

    Congrats, Ben and Megumi! ‘Just by Grace’ is a lovely blog — both the contents and the design!

    1. Benjamin Avatar

      Thanks for checking it out?

  2. Chaitanya Avatar

    All the best for Megumi’s blogging journey! Godspeed.

    1. Benjamin Avatar

      Wow! Megumi says thanks ?

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