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Happy 2021!!

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Happy New Year! 2020 was a year with many changes and adjustments for me. But I am excited 2021 is finally here. I look forward to seeing what excitement this year holds.


The last time I posted on this blog was in July last year: Blogging Temporarily Paused… ? It was right after I had got Repetitive Strain Injury in both my arms, wrists and hands, and I was needing to make drastic adjustments in my life.

It’s been 6 months now, and the situation is much better. But I’ve found, I am prone to getting RSI repeatedly, unless I continue to make conscious efforts to improve my lifestyle.

The main reason for me getting RSI was that I was “locking” my arms-wrists-hands in a certain position. I was doing this when working at my computer, but I’ve found I’m doing it unconsciously throughout the rest of the day, too. I was bending my wrists up and locking them when eating, when brushing my teeth, when playing games, and even when I was simply just lying in bed.

I thought I had got over this, and was doing much better for a couple of months. Then, one day, all of a sudden, the pain started again at the beginning of December. It’s made me realize, when I’m stressed or tired and I forget to relax, I’m locking my arms-wrists-hands again. And after a couple of days of doing that, the pain returns.

So, the good news is, I think I’ve identified the causes behind my RSI. And now, I just need to learn to live in a way that doesn’t bring the pain back again.

Blogging in 2021

Now that I have a better understanding of my RSI situation, I am looking forward to blogging regularly again this year. I plan on pacing myself, and taking each day as it comes. But while we’re still in lockdown and lack the in-person interactions we used to enjoy, blogging is one way I look forward to socializing.

Though there was a pandemic last year, that was not the only excitement in my life. I made progress on some personal goals I had set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. Different events unrelated to covid happened, which also brought unexpected changes to my life. Overall, it felt like a year I grew again as a person, and a year I learned much in. I look forward to sharing all that in the posts to follow.

Once again… Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading!






2 responses to “Happy 2021!!”

  1. Nick S. Avatar

    Glad to hear the RSI has gotten better and/or more manageable. Nice to see you back here!

    1. Benjamin Avatar

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to another year of blogging ?

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