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Hi all! In January last year, I posted about my blog stats from the year before. In 2019, my blog followers grew from 15 to 86. The location my audience was viewing my site from increased from 14 countries to 56 countries. I thought it would be neat to review my stats from 2020, and see how my blog presence grew over the last year, too.

The Stats

As of today, I have 163 followers following my blog. This is roughly double the 86 followers I had at the beginning of last year! I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone of my followers!

Due to my RSI, I was only able to post 26 times in 2020. This was down from the 42 posts I had published in 2019. And yet, the total number of comments on posts stayed roughly the same across the two years (51 in 2020, 50 in 2019). This made 2020 the most interactive year on my blog so far!

My stats indicate Thursdays is the most popular day for views on my site, with more than a quarter of all views happening on this day! The funny thing is, I only posted once on a Thursday in the entire year. So, the day I post isn’t necessarily the day I get the most views on my site. Interesting…

In 201`9, viewers from 56 countries visited my site. In 2020, I had viewers from 73 countries make at least one stop on Wow! The most views came from the United States (513), followed by Japan (384), India (280) and then Australia (178).

Views by country

I had a total of 1,292 visitors in 2020, compared to 771 in 2019. My most viewed post collected 343 views all up, and was…

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The second most viewed post collected 136 views, and was…

My First Application as a Happiness Engineer

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Followed by the following three posts, which collected 54, 50 and 47 views respectively…

2021 has just started, and I look forward to blogging regularly again. Let’s see how these stats grow this year…

PS: If you’d like to find all these interesting stats about your own site, you can do that from this link: You can read more about the details of those stats on the Stats support doc, too!

Thanks for reading!

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