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A year since my first time co-working

an almost empty coworking space

I was looking over my blog, seeing what I published this time last year. To my surprise, it was about my first time co-working in a coffee shop:

Huh… It’s funny, because when you think of 2020, one of your first thoughts are “I couldn’t do this or that – due to covid.” But we can easily forget there was a month or two of “normal” there at the beginning of the year.

I have a lot more confidence now with the work I do, compared to a year ago when I wrote that post. I’m still not sure how I would go chatting with users and colleagues, though, from just one screen in a co-working space. But, you never know unless you try… I look forward to when we can visit coffee shops again like we used to, and building my skills of chatting with users with just one device.

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