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First Outdoor Walk of 2021 (Treasure Box 16)

footpath in the woods covered in snow

This afternoon was the first afternoon in a long while where I didn’t have any pressing appointments or deadlines in my schedule. The temperature was the highest it had been for months – 10 degrees! So I decided to go outside and take my first walk this year.

The morning started similar to other Sunday mornings. I slept in a little compared to work days, but then cooked my wife and mother-in-law breakfast. Today, I made matcha-waffles. (I hadn’t thought about blogging then, and forgot to take pictures ?)

We then attended Sunday School via YouTube livestream. My Dad continued his series on the end times, and gave an exciting message about the second coming of Christ. I like seeing my Dad energized and enthusiastic when he preaches. I feel blessed to be able to sit under his preaching each week.

Following that was the worship service. Today’s preacher was another guy from my church, who is a similar age to me. He and I preach periodically on Sundays, giving my Dad some breathing room to catch up on other pastoral responsibilities. Today’s sermon was about the three types of death described in the Scriptures – physical death, spiritual death and eternal death. It was a difficult topic, but the preacher delivered a very thought provoking, yet thoughtful, message.

We then had prayer meeting. I haven’t been able to attend church in-person for a few months now, caring for my mother-in-law and taking cover from covid. It was encouraging to hear the different blessings fellow church members had seen in this time, and also be able to share their burdens with them.

In the afternoon, after a quick nap, I decided to go out for a walk. I enjoy taking walks, and have made doing them more frequently one of my goals for 2021. But so far, with snow all around the place, it hasn’t really been feasible.

But today, we actually reached 10 degrees! That’s the warmest it’s been since… November last year, maybe?

I stepped outside, and saw there was a little snow left in the shadows of my apartment. But the main footpath outside was completely clear of snow. Yay! I decided to try my normal walking path through a nearby forest.

Things were looking ok for a while. But once I turned a corner, the footpath disappeared… It was dry slushy snow, not wet slushy snow, so still walkable. But it reminded me we hadn’t quite reached spring yet. Oh, how I look forward to winter being over.

My wife and I have been considering building our own home this year. (My wife blogged about it over here: ?????) If all goes well, this could be the last year I can walk thess footpaths and see these views. I look forward to the memories I will make this year, and adding them to my Treasure Box.

view of my home from a nearby bridge

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