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500 likes – and other random thoughts

sticker for 500 likes on blog

I’ve received 500 likes on my blog!

Hi all! This post is to thank you all for following, and Liking, my posts! My last post – First Outdoor Walk of 2021 (Treasure Box 16) – earned me this badge…

sticker for 500 likes on blog

Wow! I had published a total of 86 posts as of that badge. That puts it at an average of 5.8 likes a post ?

That post was published 478 days 840 days after my first post – The Journey Begins. That means, on average, I’ve had at least one person like something on my blog every day every two days since then. Thank you!

Edited on April 11th: I later realised my blog had been alive one year longer than my initial calculations ?

Other random thoughts

In my last post, I commented on how there was still a fair amount of snow on my regular walking route. Well, I went on another walk this week – 2 weeks after my last walk. And most of that snow had gone! I can’t wait for spring to arrive completely.

footpath in the woods covered in snowfoot path with a little snow on the sides
Check out all the snow that disappeared in two weeks!
view of my home from a nearby bridgeoverlooking my home
Don’t mind the finger in that second shot ?

And as for these walks… My plan is to get out and go on these walks 3-4 times a week, now that the snow has melted. So, you may see more outdoor photos this year from around my neighborhood.

Thanks for reading!



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