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Crossing from 2021 to 2022 (Treasure Box 19)

A new year has started! (Actually, a month has already passed in said year ?) So much has happened in the last few months. So much has been one-offs, and events you can’t really plan for. I am looking forward to bringing back some “stability” to my life this year… And one way to keep me in check is by blogging again!

Twenty Twenty One

There were two large life events that happened for me last year. The first was building my own house! We signed contracts in May, and moved into the completed house in December. I am so thankful for how the Lord provided for us to build a house that matches our lifestyle. We’ve already made so many memories in our new house, which we’ve named “Daybreak”.

My new home office, with stand-up desk and bookshelves
My new home office! ?

At the end of the year, we once again welcomed Megumi’s Mum to live with us, bringing her home from hospice care. The hospital mentioned she didn’t have long left to live, and my wife wanted to look after her during her last days.

Due to covid, the hospital Mum was at wasn’t allowing visitors to come see her. By coming home to live with us, Mum was able to once again see family and friends before passing on to heaven on January 3rd. Mum was able to live in our new home with us for just under a month, and Megumi was so glad she got to spend her last days with her.

The new “member” in our home ?

After Mum passed into heaven, Megumi wanted something else she could look after and care for. So, this last week, we welcome Forte into our home! Forte is an Italian word used in music notation to me strong. We want Forte to grow up to be a strong pup.

Forte is a three month old poodle/spitz crossover. Those who know me know I’m not a dog person. I’m not even a pet person, really. But I must admit, he looks like a cute teddy bear ? Below is an assortment of photos from Forte‘s first week with us – picked out by Megumi.

The view from my indoor office window one afternoon this week

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3 responses to “Crossing from 2021 to 2022 (Treasure Box 19)”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Wonderful memories and a puppy , enjoyed reading your news

  2. […] Forte, our new puppy, has now been with us for 3 weeks. While he still needs to get a few shots before mingling with other puppies, we thought we’d start taking him on outings to show him the world is bigger than just his play pen. Yesterday, we started by going to the pet shop we bought him from, and looking for some supplies. He was well behaved, and seemed excited to be taken around the store ? […]

  3. Wendy Avatar

    A precious family. Faithful in serving the Lord.