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Valentine’s Day 2022 (Treasure Box 20)

Chocolate cake and chocolate tea

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day! In Japan, Valentine’s Day is when girls give chocolates to boys. Boys then have a month to prepare and give back to the girl(s) they received chocolates from on White Day – March 14th.

In our house, my wife likes to make Valentine’s Day special for me. But it generally ends up both of us trying to make the day special for each other ? Here are some memories from our day together yesterday.

Shopping for Forte

Forte, our new puppy, has now been with us for 3 weeks. While he still needs to get a few shots before mingling with other puppies, we thought we’d start taking him on outings to show him the world is bigger than just his play pen. Yesterday, we started by going to the pet shop we bought him from, and looking for some supplies. He was well behaved, and seemed excited to be taken around the store ?

Forte enjoyed the car trip, an the shopping experience. But it seemed it exhausted him. Here is a photo of Forte before and after the trip.

Forte got a new bed, a new toy, and a coat he can wear for walks.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

My wife surprised me by gifting me an assortment of chocolate teas! We enjoyed these along with a chocolate cake we made together.


Each year over the end of year holidays, my wife and I have worked on a puzzle together. This year, we didn’t get around to doing that, so we decided to work on one together this week instead. We chose a 1,000 piece puzzle like always, but got it completed in record time! What usually takes us a week took us just 21 hours this year!

  • puzzle pieces laid out on the table
  • puzzle half completed
  • Benjamin working on the puzzle, with Forte watching
  • completed puzzle of Winnie the Pooh and friends

Thanks for reading!

Benjamin and Megumi
Megumi & Benjamin – Valentine’s Day 2022



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