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All this snow!!

car covered in a foot of snow

viewing the accumulated snow outside from inside the house
Snow creeping up to our bedroom window

This year, the island I live on has had record-breaking amounts of snow fall. We’ve had at least a meter more snow fall than average years. And the way it has fallen has been unusual. Rather than a constant trickle of snow through winter, there have been a few large dumps of snow here and there. Usually, public transport will get disrupted for a few hours at a time when large amounts of snow fall. But this year, the disruptions have lasted days, leading to weeks. And by the time the last fall of snow has been cleared and we get back to normal, the next dump lands ??

The city I’ve built my house in is famous for having less snow compared to surrounding cities. Records say at this time of year this city generally only has a foot of snow accumulated on the ground. But this year, we have 4 feet sitting there! Above is a photo taken from our bedroom window. You’ll see the snow has accumulated up to the second row of panes. This is the largest window on the first story of the house, shown below.

view of the exterior of our house before the snow fell
Exterior of our house without snow

This is how the front of the house looks now, compared to before winter came.

front porch without snowfront porch of house covered in record-breaking amounts of snow
Our front porch before and after this year’s snow.

Fortunately, I get to work from home and don’t have any need to leave the house in weather like this. It still means I had to dig the car out of 40cm of snow last night after work. I’m considering these snow shovelling sessions my exercise for the day, though, so that has kept a positive light on the chore.

car covered in a foot of snow
My car sitting in 40cm of snow, waiting to get shovelled out.

And I know many others are not as fortunate as me. This morning, I tried taking the rubbish out and noticed the snow plows hadn’t been through my neighbourhood yet. There was still close on half a meter of snow on the roads, which I had to waide through to get the rubbish out. Coming home, I noticed there were abandoned cars all over the place. Folks must have been on their way home last night, trying to get as close to home as possible. But once their cars got bogged, they would have left them there to come pick up again today.

The weather report says this should be the last large dump of snow for a few weeks now. And day time temperatures are finally going to reach higher than zero, so the snow should start to melt. But I’m thinking we’ll continue to see this snow around us for at least another two months, maybe three. Oh, well. That’s another memory to add to the records of our first winter in this new home ?

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