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Shovelling snow

My wife took this photo of me shovelling snow earlier this week, when we had that HUGE snowfall! You can see the front porch now, but that was totally covered up just 10 minutes before this photo was taken ??

shovelling over 40cm of snow






3 responses to “Shovelling snow”

  1. Colin Scott Avatar
    Colin Scott

    Looks chilly

  2. Nindya Avatar

    My tropical-self going, “I want to jump from the roof and FWOMP!-ed my face on that snow.”

    Yes, might resulted in several broken bones and nosebleed. But _look at them snowwww_.

    1. Benjamin Avatar

      Yeh, I think that at the beginning of the season, too. But once you’ve been shoveling it for three months, your perspective changes?

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