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Thank you to my 200+ followers!

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This week, my follower count reached 200. What an honour!! I started this blog in November 2018 as a space to document my reapplication to Automattic as a Happiness Engineer. (My second post: My Introduction) I now mostly share episodes from my personal life, to record these memories as treasures to look back on in future. (Category: Treasure Box) I appreciate all those who stop by to read and share with me these memories.

Follower totals showing I now have 202 followers
Total follower count at 202!!

Here are previous blog achievement posts I published.

So once again…

Thanks for reading!






4 responses to “Thank you to my 200+ followers!”

  1. Nindya Avatar

    Congratulations, Ben! ?

    1. Benjamin Avatar

      Thank you ?

  2. happychait Avatar

    Congratulation on the milestone, Ben! Here’s to the next 200.

    1. Benjamin Avatar

      Thank you, Chait!