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Boiled Egg Drawings – 3

Two boiled eggs with pictures of a puppy drawn on them

It’s been almost 2 years since the last post in this series ? The other day, my wife handed me not 2, but 4 boiled eggs, and asked me to draw on them again.

For those not familiar, my wife does this time from time. It’s a small game we have between us. My wife hands me eggs and a pen, and gives me a subject to draw. I have zero thinking time, and must start drawing immediately. You can see my previous attempts below.

This time, the subject was… Forte!! We’ve had our new puppy for 4 weeks now, and she wanted to see how well I could draw him at little notice. Well, here’s how I did…

4 boiled eggs with pictures of a puppy drawn on them
Artwork by B-san

My wife I thought I did excellently ? I think that second egg from the left looks the cutest.

This time, she took photos of me drawing the pictures. I look so serious… ?

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