100 posts over 3 years

WordPress.com notice congratulating me on 100 posts

I received another blog achievement notification in my WordPress.com account this week. It turns out, my last post was my 100th post published on this blog. Hurray!

Thank you to all those who have followed along in the journey! For those who joined part-way, here are other milestone posts I’ve published on this site in the 3 and a bit years I’ve been blogging.

20th post!

Linking SNS to My Blog

Hi all! My last post was admittedly an extremely long post. Sorry about that… To make it up, today’s post is going to be super short! I have created and linked some social networking sites to my blog and have it set that whatever I post here is automattically posted over there, too. I wantedContinue reading “Linking SNS to My Blog”

40th post!

60th post!

80th post!

100th post!

Two boiled eggs with pictures of a puppy drawn on them

Boiled Egg Drawings – 3

The other day, my wife handed me not 2, but 4 boiled eggs, and asked me to draw on them again. This time, the subject was… Forte!!

Thanks for reading!

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