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White Day 2022 (Treasure Box 21)

Yesterday was White Day! In Japan, this is the day guys give back to the girls who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day. My wife got me chocolate teas this year on Valentine’s Day. So I tried to find something unusual for her, too.

Fruit and flower jellies sitting on the table
Fruit and flower jellies

I found some jellies online that are designed to look like herbariums. (Here is a Google search for some herbarium gifts you can buy.) Herbarium gifts are somewhat popular in Japan right now. My wife had made a passing comment that they look pretty, but she wouldn’t be interested in them as they would just collect dust. So when I found an edible version she could enjoy without keeping it long enough that it collects dust, I was excited to get her some.

Opening a box with a gift inside wrapped in blue wrapping
Opening a surprise gift

My wife was surprised when the gift arrived. She said she had absolutely no idea I had gone and got her anything, so she didn’t believe me first when I said the gift was for her ?

A box of flower jellies sitting on blue wrapping
A box of flower jellies

The jellies had a citrus flavour. They had multiple pieces of fruit and edible flowers set in them. We’re guessing they must have set the jellies over a few settings, so that they could get the contents to stay in the middle of the jar, rather than sinking to the bottom. They were really tasty! My wife said she would only eat half the jar that night. But before we knew it, both our jars were empty?

Two jars of flower jellies
Two jars of flower jellies

It was a small treat, but another nice memory to add to my Treasure Box ?

As a final bonus… This is how Forte was last night. He knew something was going on, but seems to think he was missing out a bit. We might have to include him in our Valentine’s Day and White Day celebrations next year?

Forte looking out from his cage, wondering what is going on.
“What’s going on?”

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