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B-san’s Blog relaunched!!

screenshot of the new B-san's Blog homepage

I am pleased to announce the update on my site has completed, and B-san’s Blog has been relaunched!! I am now ready to get back into the habit of posting regularly on my blog. (We’ll see how it goes…)






2 responses to “B-san’s Blog relaunched!!”

  1. happychait Avatar

    That’s a great re-design.

    I noticed though the menu items are in black and illegible, unlike what’s in your screenshot in this post.

    I see your blog’s menu items in black as in this screenshot: ![](https://cln.sh/sjdmUE+)

    _Direct link to screenshot:_ https://cln.sh/sjdmUE

    1. Benjamin Avatar

      Thanks for pointing that out! I’m not sure what happened there since I took the screenshot…

      I’ve gone and fixed this now, though. You should be able to see the links again 🙂

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