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Online Workshop: Writing content with the 10 Text blocks

Writing content with the 10 Text blocks by Benjamin Evans on Learn.WordPress.org

Online Workshops are an interactive learning session hosted by the WordPress Training team. These sessions take on many forms, including online webinars and live discussion groups.

An online workshop is a safe zone where you can come as you are, develop new ideas, explore issues, ask questions, network over shared interests, exchange theories, collaborate on work, and thrive in uncertainty.

From https://learn.wordpress.org/social-learning/

As part of my new role, I’ll be hosting regular Online Workshops, too! Next week, I’ll be hosting a session titled Writing content with the 10 Text blocks. Come join me as I look at the 10 Text blocks offered in WordPress, and explain why it’s important to use the different blocks for different types of content!

This will actually be the second time I’m hosting an Online Workshop. I hosted my first workshop as part of the trial process when applying for my new Community Education Manager role here at Automattic. You can catch the recording for No-Code Techniques to Showcase Your Images on Any Device below:

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