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The work and life of a Community Education Manager in Japan

Hi! I’m Ben, or B-san. I work at Automattic, as a Community Education Manager in the open-source WordPress project.

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I’m a Christian, a husband, and a “father” to an adorable puppy Forte. I was born in Australia, but have lived pretty much my whole life in Japan.

This blog is a space where I share personal events happening in my life. My Treasure Box series is a collection of particularly special memories I’m keeping a record of so that I can come back and reflect on in future.

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  • Thank you to my 200+ followers!

    Thank you to my 200+ followers!

    This week, my follower count reached 200. What an honour!!

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  • Forte waiting for his next command

    Forte waiting for his next command

    This is our dog Forte, looking up at his master (my wife), waiting for his next command before going out for a walk ? My wife is doing an excellent job training him!

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  • Shovelling snow

    My wife took this photo of me shovelling snow earlier this week, when we had that HUGE snowfall! You can see the front porch now, but that was totally covered up just 10 minutes before this photo was taken ??

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  • All this snow!!

    All this snow!!

    We’ve had at least a meter more snow than usual around here this year! Here are some pictures showing how much snow we’ve had.

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  • First Wolt Dinner

    First Wolt Dinner

    Wolt – the food delivery service – finally debuted in our city! Our first meal with the service was three types of fried potatoes and salads.

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  • Valentine’s Day 2022 (Treasure Box 20)

    Valentine’s Day 2022 (Treasure Box 20)

    Yesterday was Valentine’s Day! In Japan, Valentine’s Day is when girls give chocolates to boys. Boys then have a month to prepare and give back to the girl(s) they received chocolates from on White Day – March 14th. In our house, my wife likes to make Valentine’s Day special for me. But it generally ends…

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