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The work and life of a Community Education Manager in Japan


This is a list of the categories I have posted about on my blog. My goal is for this page to function as an index of sorts for those who may be interested in only some topics covered on this blog. I hope it helps!

WP Application

For posts directly related to my reapplication to Automattic.

WP Forum

For posts related to my volunteer work on the WordPress.com forums.


Tips, observations and other info you can implement into your blog, too.


For posts talking about the technical side of WordPress and the web in general.

Customer Support

What I have learned, observed and am implementing regarding customer support.


A few posts dealing with the Japanese culture, language or Japanese services provided by Automattic.


Nothing, really. Just plain thoughts…


For those initial few posts I forgot to remove the “Uncategorized” category from.

PS: Posts that are categorized under multiple categories will appear under the link of each of those categories above.