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  • Working from a new café – Rain

    Working from a new café – Rain

    One of my favorite coworking cafés closed last month. It was sad, and my wife and I were talking about how we’ll miss the atmosphere there. Well, it turns out, the owner of the café hasn’t changed! They’ve reopened again, just under a new franchise – Rain. The owner updated the furniture a bit, but…

  • Pork rice

    Pork rice

    My wife hasn’t been feeling well the last couple of days. So, I cooked lunch for us today! I put rice, pork and a little bit of veggies in the pressure cooker and… Voila!

  • Forte with his favorite toy

    Forte with his favorite toy

    Forte has been with us for a little over a month now. In this time, he has doubled in size! When we got him, he was about 2kg. Now, he weighs 4kg!!

  • Forte waiting for his next command

    Forte waiting for his next command

    This is our dog Forte, looking up at his master (my wife), waiting for his next command before going out for a walk ? My wife is doing an excellent job training him!

  • Shovelling snow

    My wife took this photo of me shovelling snow earlier this week, when we had that HUGE snowfall! You can see the front porch now, but that was totally covered up just 10 minutes before this photo was taken ??

  • First Wolt Dinner

    First Wolt Dinner

    Wolt – the food delivery service – finally debuted in our city! Our first meal with the service was three types of fried potatoes and salads.