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  • Easter 2020 (Treasure Box 10)

    Easter 2020 (Treasure Box 10)

    Easter is a major event for us Christians each year. It is a time where we especially reflect on the death, burial and resurrection of our Saviour and the salvation He provides through that. This year, like the rest of the world, we celebrated Easter at home. We attended church via YouTube live stream in…

  • Valentine’s Day 2020 (Treasure Box 9)

    Valentine’s Day 2020 (Treasure Box 9)

    Valentine’s Day has an interesting origin. Wikipedia gives a very detailed description of its history – how it started out as a day to remember some martyrs with the name Valentine. It explains how a few hundred years ago, the day started to get associated with Love. Now, in the West, it is a day…

  • Beethoven’s 7th (Treasure Box 8)

    Beethoven’s 7th (Treasure Box 8)

    For Christmas, my wife and I received tickets to go hear the local orchestra perform. Both of us have a background in music and and Classical music is one of our favorite genres. It had been a while since we had listened to live music like this, and we were excited! For this concert, the…

  • Exit: The Game – The Secret Lab (Treasure Box 7)

    Exit: The Game – The Secret Lab (Treasure Box 7)

    Ever since I was younger, I have always been intrigued by riddles and puzzles. My favorites are mathematical puzzles, especially if they include some aspect of geometry. The stimuli of trying to solve a puzzle gets me invigorated. When I was in primary school, I made a couple of my own puzzle books. I would…

  • Sapporo Flower & Café (Treasure Box – 6)

    Sapporo Flower & Café (Treasure Box – 6)

    This week, my wife and I went out for lunch one day. With the business over Christmas and the new year, it’s been a while since we’ve gone out for lunch like this. My wife had her eyes on a new place called Sapporo Flower and Café. Apparently, it’s an old flower shop that has…

  • Treasure Box – 5 – Autumn Colours

    Treasure Box – 5 – Autumn Colours

    Autumn in Hokkaido is always beautiful. This year, my wife and I were able to drive out and see the Blue Pond for the first time. The water is naturally blue, as you can see in the pictures when comparing the colour of the sky and it’s reflection. It is actually “bluer” in the reflection!…