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  • Valentine’s Day 2022 (Treasure Box 20)

    Valentine’s Day 2022 (Treasure Box 20)

    Yesterday was Valentine’s Day! In Japan, Valentine’s Day is when girls give chocolates to boys. Boys then have a month to prepare and give back to the girl(s) they received chocolates from on White Day – March 14th. In our house, my wife likes to make Valentine’s Day special for me. But it generally ends…

  • Megumi’s Birthday (Treasure Box 14)

    Megumi’s Birthday (Treasure Box 14)

    Hi all! Last week, Megumi, my wife, had her birthday. (I’ve just confirmed, and she doesn’t want her age posted here ?) It was a special day for us, and another memory I wanted to include in my Treasure Box series. We took the day slowly, and kept celebrations low key. That was because we…

  • My First Automatticversary!

    My First Automatticversary!

    This week marks exactly one year since I started working for Automattic full time. Wow, one year! Coincidentally, I had the exact date off, and my wife did a wonderful job of making it a special day for me. The celebrations started the night before. I finished my shifts for the day and stepped out…

  • Apple Blossoms (Treasure Box 12)

    Apple Blossoms (Treasure Box 12)

    Hi all! Sorry for the hiatus there. I was doing so well with my blogging streak this year, having posted 18 times in the first 19 weeks of the year! But then I caught a virus… The doctor thinks it may have been COVID, but I didn’t qualify for the test here in Japan, so…

  • Colorful Biscuits (Treasure Box 11)

    Colorful Biscuits (Treasure Box 11)

    Note: You’ll want to read the entire post to come to the same surprise ending as we did ?? My wife and I both like to cook. We like trying new recipes and then compiling the best dishes into our own recipe card box. Lately, I’ve been cooking breakfasts on my day off, and there…

  • Easter 2020 (Treasure Box 10)

    Easter 2020 (Treasure Box 10)

    Easter is a major event for us Christians each year. It is a time where we especially reflect on the death, burial and resurrection of our Saviour and the salvation He provides through that. This year, like the rest of the world, we celebrated Easter at home. We attended church via YouTube live stream in…