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  • Creating a Playlist

    Creating a Playlist

    Hi everyone! In my post Testing “Shortcode” and Other Embedding Methods, I tried adding a playlist, only to realize I need a paid plan with WordPress.com to do that. I then said… This site is on the free plan, so I will come back to that another day. I have an idea, a legitimate workaround… […]

  • Testing “Shortcode” and Other Embedding Methods

    Testing “Shortcode” and Other Embedding Methods

    Hi again! In my last post (Thank You To My 25 Followers!), I used some WordPress.com shortcode to add excerpts of previous posts on my blog. Today in this post, I’m going to try out some other Shortcodes and see what they can do! Videos WordPress.com offers video embedding for many different services including Vimeo, TED Talks and YouTube. Each […]

  • My First Post by Email!

    Surprise!! A post two days in a row! ?? This is a short post, testing the "Post by Email" feature of WordPress.com. What I have done is I have written this post as an email, sent it to a "secret" email address linked to my blog and that has automatically created a post for me. […]

  • Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 1

    Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 1

    As part of my reapplication process, I am reading through a couple books recommended to me in my final email from Automattic. I plan on writing a few posts for each of these books (and the couple other books I am reading through) as a record to myself, too, of what I have gleaned from […]

  • Finished a Course on FreeCodeCamp.org!

    Finished a Course on FreeCodeCamp.org!

    Hi all! This is just a quick post to announce that I have successfully completed a free course on HTML and CSS (both are computer languages used to create homepages) provided by Free Code Camp! The course, titled “Responsive Web Design”, is said to take 300 hours to complete. I have been working at it a little […]

  • Working Through the WP.com Tutorial

    Working Through the WP.com Tutorial

    In my enquiry and working towards my reapplication, I have been led to the WordPress.com Tutorial page. The site title (as found in the tab) is called Tutorials and Courses for Beginners – Learn WordPress.com. As part of my studies, I decided to work through the tutorials and see what WordPress.com offers as a standard learning […]