Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 1

As part of my reapplication process, I am reading through a couple books recommended to me in my final email from Automattic. I plan on writing a few posts for each of these books (and the couple other books I am reading through) as a record to myself, too, of what I have gleaned fromContinue reading “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 1”

Finished a Course on FreeCodeCamp.org!

Hi all! This is just a quick post to announce that I have successfully completed a free course on HTML and CSS (both are computer languages used to create homepages) provided by Free Code Camp! The course, titled “Responsive Web Design”, is said to take 300 hours to complete. I have been working at it a littleContinue reading “Finished a Course on FreeCodeCamp.org!”

Working Through the WP.com Tutorial

In my enquiry and working towards my reapplication, I have been led to the WordPress.com Tutorial page. The site title (as found in the tab) is called Tutorials and Courses for Beginners – Learn WordPress.com. As part of my studies, I decided to work through the tutorials and see what WordPress.com offers as a standard learningContinue reading “Working Through the WP.com Tutorial”

All About Featured Images

Hello everyone! We are coming to the end of the year and, if you are like me, there is a big rush to get different things done before we flip the final page of the calendar. One of those to-do things could be finishing up some blog posts you had written. And one thing IContinue reading “All About Featured Images”

Merry Christmas! (From My Phone)

Finally, December 25th has arrived. Merry Christmas! Having a day set aside at the end of the year each year to think upon Christ and His salvation is such a blessing. It brings closure to all that has happened this year and reignites us with hope for the year to come. What a special day!Continue reading “Merry Christmas! (From My Phone)”

Working on the Japanese WordPress.com Forum

Hi again! I mentioned in my last post (Preparing My Post about My Application) how I have started volunteering on the Japanese WordPress.com forum, too. The experience is definitely different to the English forum, so I thought I would take some time to share what I have found so far. Difference in Post Numbers AsContinue reading “Working on the Japanese WordPress.com Forum”