Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 2

Last week, I wrote my first book review / study notes from reading the book Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profits by Inghilleri and Solomon. (If you missed that post, you can check it out here: Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 1) This post is a continuation of that, but I am only going to look at one chapter today. Hopefully thisContinue reading “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 2”

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 1

As part of my reapplication process, I am reading through a couple books recommended to me in my final email from Automattic. I plan on writing a few posts for each of these books (and the couple other books I am reading through) as a record to myself, too, of what I have gleaned fromContinue reading “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit – Part 1”