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Boiled Egg Drawings – 2

two blue eggs in a bird's nest

Last month, I introduced my first “official” boiled egg drawing. (You can check that out here: Boiled Egg Drawings – 1) The rules are simple. My wife boils some eggs, hands me a pen, and gives me a topic to draw there on the spot. It’s just a bit of silly fun we’re having while we’re stuck at home at the moment.

This time, my wife made sure she came up with a really difficult topic to draw. She was excited to see the drawings I came up with! But disappointed in the fact it took me no more than 3 minutes to draw these ? She intended for them to take much longer…

So, here is the second “official” boiled egg drawing. The topic was “A boy and a girl astronaut”. How do you think I did?

two boiled eggs with a picture of a boy and a girl astronaut
Artwork by B-san

For reference… this was my first drawing of a bullet train.

pictures of a mountain and a bullet train on two boiled aggs
Artwork by B-san

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