I am a 32 y.o. male, born in Australia, but have practically lived my entire life in Japan. I enjoy working with computer software, reading books and playing piano and flute. I am completely bilingual in English and Japanese and have studied and worked in both language fields. I work as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. You can more about the journey I took to get there from these posts: HE Application.

What is “Bsan”?

Bsan, pronounced “bee” (as in the insect) – “sun” (as in the largest star in our solar system), is derived from the initial of my first name and the generic Japanese title added to names. In English, it would loosely translate to “Mr. B”. It is also the title of my site-icon you can see in the tab of your browser.

B-san, since 2008

I usually write it as B-san, with a hyphen. However, when deciding what to call my blog, I found there was a beach sandal shop in Japan with the exact same name, “B-san”. As I have been using this character and the title “B-san” in public events since 2008 and the B-san store seems to be newer than that, I considered I had rights to it. But, who cares about the details, right? I decided to go with a slightly different notation for this site, just in case.

About Bsan’s Blog

Bsan’s Blog started out as a record of my path to reapplying as a Happiness Engineer. (Yes, I failed my first attempt.) But now, I use it to share my life – the life of an Automattician (as we call ourselves) living in Japan.

If you have any requests for posts, ideas or feedback, I would be more than happy to include that, too. Feel free to reach out!

Thank you for checking this page out!😄

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