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Megumi’s Birthday (Treasure Box 14)

birthday gifts from family

Hi all! Last week, Megumi, my wife, had her birthday. (I’ve just confirmed, and she doesn’t want her age posted here ?) It was a special day for us, and another memory I wanted to include in my Treasure Box series.

We took the day slowly, and kept celebrations low key. That was because we had a mission to accomplish that day. My wife has been following my blog ever since its conception, and has been supportive of me as I’ve worked on it. Due to COVID this year, her thoughts regarding social networking online, or even just online presences in general, has shifted. And recently, she had started considering starting her own blog, too.

While starting a blog on WordPress.com is fairly simple, getting the “perfect look” or design you’re after can take a bit of time. In this case, Megumi was looking to start a multilingual site, where she would post in Japanese and I would translate the content into English for her, too. I had presented Megumi with a few birthday gifts throughout the month. But my biggest gift to her this year was helping her get her new blog up and running.

The blog is almost there, but we’re not quite ready to make it public yet. So, stay tuned for another post coming soon about the launch of her new site. For the moment, here’s a sneak peek of what the site will look like…

blurred photo of Megumi's new blog
Megumi’s new blog

For her birthday meal, Megumi requested real pasta. Since I don’t eat wheat, the only pasta we ever eat in our home is made with other flours, such as rice or corn. But this was her day, so we went and bought some wheat pasta and had spaghetti for lunch. (I had the meat sauce on rice.) I also made her waffles (with wheat flour) for breakfast, and gifted her with her favorite Galvanina Organic White Tea.

Side story… the White Tea was the beverage she chose on her birthday meal 5 years ago while we were still dating. Megumi really enjoyed the tea back then, but it isn’t something we find in our local store. To my relief, she was just as excited as I had hoped to see I had found it for her again, five years later.

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